New for young readers …

The Jungle Book
Graphic-Text adaptation of Rudyard Kipling’s classic tale of integrity, loyalty and courage (OUP).

Dive! Dive!
A small book for young ocean explorers (OUP).

Changing Land
How to play detective in town and country, and discover the past (Collins).

On its way …

Biography of Linnaeus
The adventurous life of the explorer and inspirational teacher, who changed forever the way we see and talk about the living world (Collins).

Playlist and reviews …

Truth & Dare: 20 Tales of Love, Life and Falling on Your Face
The authors of this edgy, humorous selection of YA stories were asked to choose songs that remind them of their stories and characters. Result: an incredible playlist!

Truth & Dare is available from your nearest indie bookshop, or from Amazon.



Truth-telling can be dangerous, as anyone knows who’s traveled the angst-filled terrain of adolescence. With remarkably few exceptions, the short stories in this collection exemplify the best of the form, drawing readers immediately into the lives of characters who confront the hard truths of alienation, love, trauma and sex …

Bewitched Bookworms:

One of the things I enjoy about reading collections such as this is that it introduces me into a bunch of phenomenal new (to me at least!) authors and this collection did not disappoint!

In the over twenty stories included in this book I met edgy, raw characters, characters who were funny and sad and frightening characters who made me laugh, cry and cringe in both shared humiliation and horror. The writing was fresh and compact, delivering stories of surprising depth given their brevity…

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